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01 - General

Yuleak continuously runs crawlers to aggregate a lot of public informations about computer networks. This data is available to the public, Yuleak retrieves, post-processes and correlates them in a database. Yuleak is based on public sources and do not establishe any connection to the resources. Yuleak provides public information about your resources.

Which data?

  • The existing domains.
  • Information on the hosting of resources.
  • Geolocation of resources.
  • Services configuration errors.
  • The public proxies.
  • The Honeypots.
  • Services performed on your resources.
  • Fishing urls.
  • Downloaded torrents from your resources.
  • Passwords leaks.
  • Defaced websites.
  • SSL certificates.

Yuleak also identifies a large number of equipment manufacturers and CMS. This data is daily updated.

Yuleak allows you to map your domains network and present all the resources that make it up. Each resource contains all the features presented above. It will help you to identify all the public information of the internet concerning your network. Yuleak can highlight technologies and geolocation of your resources, configuration errors that a hacker could exploit, suspicious traffic from your network. The Yuleak App provides a dashboard view, a map view and a graph view.

You can use Yuleak for free by registering at IP addresses, domain names or CIDR researches are allowed. Each research needs a credit. You can purchase additional credits through the interface. A single dashboard and limited credits are available for free users.

Yuleak registry only needs a valid email address, a password and a username. Yuleak does not store any personal information.

02 - Dashboards

Yuleak provides 5 differents view for your dashboard :

  • Dashboard: This view sum up stats about servers in your dashboard. You can quickly filter others view by clicking on any category
  • Details: Every information is display in this view, all informations are grouped by server. Servers are ordered by risk level, but you can bookmark any of them to put them on top of your list
  • Graph: If you want to understand relations between differents elements we found, this view can certainly be helpfull
  • Map: Simple geospatial view of all your servers
  • Timeline: This view provide a complete temporal picture of your exposure. Click on any day to view detailed alerts

Some views such as Graph and Timeline are only for paid suscriptions, but you can test them with unauthenticated Demo dashboard.

Using filter allow you to keep your data but only display interesting ones.

Every filter can be used in inclusive (green eye) or exclusive (red eye) mode :

  • inclusive: server must match one of inclusive filter to be displayed
  • exclusive: server must match any of exclusive filter to be displayed

We offer you 4 filters :

  • server: server filter works on server location, you can use it with country code (server:us) or cloudflare (server:cloudflare)
  • domain: domain filter works only with "all" suffix (domain:all). With inclusive domain:all, only server with known DNS entry will be displayed
  • alert: alert filter could be used with "all" suffix (alert:all) or specific alert such as blacklist (alert:blacklist)
  • service: service filter could be used with "all" suffic (service:all) or port number (service:22)

03 - API

Yuleak offer a powerfull REST API for paid users to integrate your results into your application or script.

API Key could be generated in profile page.

All endpoints are documented with specifications and examples.

API requests are not limited, but any search will consume credit like manual search.

  • 2020-01-23 12:04:33
    We are happy to introduce our automated OSINT plateform located at  ! It provides public information concerning your network security available on the web. Please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] #osint #infosec #netsec